Central I-70, between I-25 and Chambers Road, is one of Colorado's economic backbones. It is home to 1,200 businesses, providing the regional connection to Denver International Airport and carrying upwards of 200,000 vehicles per day. The Central I-70 Project is an overdue expansion of Denver’s main East/West Corridor.  The 4-mile Interstate project involves reconstruction of most interchanges along the corridor. 


The general contractor, Kiewit, contracted with BTrenchless to perform two difficult sanitary sewer bores near the historic Denver Coliseum.  The contract was quickly extended to install several storm sewer bores at three interchanges and was again extended to install a new waterline under the interstate. 


As the design of the project has progressed, BTrenchless has teamed with Kiewit to offer constructability reviews on several more tunnels, helping to overcome some of the challenges presented as the final design comes together.  BTrenchless is looking forward to a continued partnership with Kiewit throughout the remainder of the project. 

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