Phase 4

The City and Country of Denver has designed the 33rd Street Outfall Storm Sewer to reduce flooding concerns between Downing Street and the Platte River along 33rd Street and the surrounding neighborhoods. The project is being released in four phases, installing the storm sewer from the Platte River to the intersection of 33rd and Blake.


The pipeline is a combination of large box culverts, 120" HOBAS pipe, smaller reinforced concrete pipe, and steel casings. The highlight of the first phase was construction of a precast 11' X 8' concrete box culvert across Brighton Blvd. while maintaining constant flow of traffic. The second phase included a 220' long tunnel, ten foot in diameter, under the Union Pacific Railroad Yard and the RTD Commuter Rail. It also included side-by-side 96" diameter steel tunnels under Blake Street and a 450 foot long, 51" HOBAS storm lateral via a microtunnel method.


The diversity of this project allowed BTrenchless to utilize three different types of tunnels and capitalized on the vast resources of both people and equipment to successfully complete this complex and high profile project. In the course of the first two phases, nine different crews and four different superintendents had a part in the overall success of the project, each capitalizing on the various areas of expertise. 

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