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BTrenchless offers Hydrovac Excavation that provides a nondestructive, cost effective, and accurate process to safely locate underground utilities.
Applications of Hydrovac Excavation Include
  • Culvert & Drain Cleanout

  • Sign & Pole Installation

  • Slot Trenching

  • Underground Line Exposing

  • Installing New Underground Facilities

  • Pond Excavation

  • Sludge Removal

  • Service Disconnects

  • Storm Mud Cleaning

  • Excavating Under Structures

  • Caisson Excavation

  • Drill Mud Removal

  • Pipeline Tie-ins / Maintenance

Not only can BTrenchless use Hydrovac Excavation on a variety of materials, our advanced Hydrovac trucks can go just about anywhere and can excavate up to 100 feet from the truck.

Contact us for more information and to get a quote.
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