For over 40 years, BTrenchless has handled some of the most challenging projects in the western United States. As part of BT Construction, BTrenchless has become one of Colorado's most respected contractors, specializing in underground trenchless technologies. Our numerous specialty crews, dedicated staff and large inventory of state-of-the-art equipment keeps us the leader in the trenchless construction industry.

From simple substrates to complex contaminated soils, BTrenchless has the ability to tackle any situation. Our trenchless crews specialize in auger boring, guided boring, hand tunneling, pipe ramming, microtunneling, tunnel boring, pipe-bursting, sliplining, and hydrovac excavation



Auger boring simultaneously jacks the casing forward while removing the spoil via rotating auger blades. BTrenchless utilizes Auger Boring as an inexpensive installation method for suitable ground conditions and tolerances in a wide range of casing diameters.

Guided Boring Machine (GBM) is used in conjunction with the horizontal auger boring machine to install small-diameter pipes with greater grade and alignment precision. BTrenchless has multiple methods available for GBM, including pilot tube and McLaughlin. 

Hydraulic jacks advance the tunnel while our highly experienced and trained crews excavate the material at the tunnel face by hand or with a small excavator.

A pneumatic ramming tool drives the casing forward without removal of spoils. Spoils are removed by various methods, dependent on soil types, after casing is in place. 

The McLaughlin On-Target system is used to install bores up to 400 feet. It’s guidance system is equipped with a water level and two enclosed halogen lights for checking and maintaining grade. The cutting path is controlled by hydraulic actuated flaps to regulate the direction of the bore, providing more accuracy. 

Micro-Tunneling is generally defined as remotely controlled pipe-jacking (personnel-entry is not required) whereby the soils at the cutter face are controlled to maintain balance. Muck removal is conducted by a pressurized slurry transport via variable frequency controlled centrifugal pumps. BTrenchless has the most advanced information and control system available, located for easy access by the operator.

Tunnel boring utilizes a steerable rotary cutting head for excavating while hydraulic jacks advance the tunnel. BTrenchless offers various types of cutting heads to compliment our TBM systems.

Trenchless method for replacing a host pipe by fragmenting the existing pipe and installing a completely new pipe of equal or lesser diameter. 

A process by which an appropriately sized liner pipe is inserted into an existing pipe. The new pipe can be pulled in place using a cable and winch system, or pushed in place using a choker cable and backhoe.


Hydrovac Excavation provides a non-destructive, cost effective, and accurate process to safely locate underground utilities. Used to remove both wet and dry materials, making it a versatile process for a variety of applications. 

Lending a contractor point of view to engineers and owners through constructibility reviews allowing them to account for certain previously unconsidered aspects of a project, producing superior project delivery for our municipal partners.






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