BTrenchless is committed to providing all of our employees a safe and healthy environment. 

BTrenchless is proud of the strong safety record we have maintained since our first project in 1980.  Our Safety culture is built on Employee Empowerment - everyone is encouraged and expected to have a voice, to speak up!

Safety is always the first concern and the first priority of every BTrenchless employee.  Every meeting, whether in the office or on-site, begins with 'A Safety Moment'; so, it is literally the #1 item on every agenda.  

Supervisory and safety personnel exhaustively plan projects to adhere, in strict compliance, with federal, state & local regulations and BTC safety policy & procedures.  Each day begins with a comprehensive, site-specific Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) performed by the entire crew.

Our Safety Committee is made up and run by field employees and it is with their input that we continue to develop and strengthen our safety policies.